Lots of OOPS!!!!!

Well I’ll be buttered on both sides!!!!!!!

this blog stuff is not as easy as you think pets!!!!!!

I have had a couple of OOPS moments AND a couple of moments when I did think the “other” Leonie was gunna have a caniption BUT God luv her she has the patience of an ANGEL!!!!!

yayayayayayayay….back later to TRY & pop & pic in here !!



11 thoughts on “Lots of OOPS!!!!!

    • Hey JAG,
      Oh pet I do understand what you mean .. It isnt as easy as some folk say, is it!
      remember you can always ask “the Guru” … NO that isnt me !

  1. Hi my lovely JJ,
    Thanks for the wonderful weekend. It felt like a mini convention reunion. I had a wonderful time. Lots of laughing and chocoloate and chocolate and quick brayering cards.

    Your blog looks fab – tass – metorical ( that’s a word i think). Glad to see that you got it finished.
    Lookout world here comes Leonie ready to present the world with your wonderful card making skills and in particular your brayering cards.

    Tracey(cette) XXX

    • Thanks TRACETTE !!!!
      we did have the bestest weekend didin’t we!!
      nothing like a “Quick” brayering card I say !!
      thanks for coming along & helping to make our weekend such a wonderful fun filled time xx
      Leonie x

  2. YAYAYAY!!! Leonie (AKA Mrs Pepperpot!)

    How excitement! Welcome to blogland. I’m very excited for you. You have the most beautiful creations! Can’t wait to see more.

    Lots of love
    Jenny xx

  3. Woohoo she is actually in bloggy land at long last…..haha, I don’t know what typepad is like but I find blogger easy to get around.It is so good to see you doing this and look forward to seeing so much more of your work now girlie!!!!!! Way to go!!!!

  4. LOL … I am sooooo glad I found you … but you will have to pay google a little more … even pepperpot is not registering … but perhaps it is just cos you are new!!! I lauged and lauged at your Oops post. I can just imagine you saying that out loud! Don’t change, Leonie … keep typing just like you are talking to us … cos that is sooooo amusing!!! Now I’m off to see what Tracette has been up to … she really needs to get her act together!!! Perhaps Sunday has inspired her??? Hugs, Andrea xxx

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