Always Learning

Iris Folding Card

Teabag Folding CardChristmas Card   Thought I would show you 3 cards I made today at a class a friend & I went too today. the first is Iris folding & that was a lot easier than I thought.. the 2nd Card is Teabag Folding & I enjoyed this technique as well .. this card is 3d.. the 3rd card is a simple But “QUICK” card using just stickers .. I enjoyed being a “student” instead of the teacher today… thanks for dropping by :o) Leonie


5 thoughts on “Always Learning

  1. Ooooh … another “quick” card Lone??? And … do you have a new look for your blog??? Perfect for your quick posts!!! I am sure I must ramble on far too much on mine! Did you check out Onie’s new DBWS??? I think it is going to be great … and will do lotsa stuff for us … might be worth signing up for the free weeks … and get a feel for it! Hugs, Andrea xxx

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