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Enjoy an Improved Online Shopping Experience

24hour online shopping

  • No more preferred pricing. Having two prices for each item confused customers, so we’ve simplified the process.
  • Guest checkout. Customers who do not want to commit to creating an account will no longer be deterred from ordering. They can now check out as a guest. These customers are still required to select a demonstrator and they can select whether to pass on their contact information.
  • New features for our shopping bag. Customers can now easily save bag contents. Also, when adding items to your bag, you can choose to go directly to the bag or continue shopping. We’ve also included a progress bar to guide customers through the ordering process.
  • Enjoy more images. You asked for it–you got it. Additional product images are bigger and easier to view.
  • Enhanced sorting. Now you can sort merchandise based on newest or oldest–a real plus when you want to see the latest MDS downloads.
  • Sale prices are clearly marked. Items on sale are clearly marked without having to add them to your bag. You can also sort products by the sales price (instead of according to the original price).
  • Hostess code issues will prompt action. For instance, customers will be prompted if they enter a new hostess code after returning to a saved shopping bag that already had a hostess code present.
  • Contact preferences. Customers will be able to state whether they want to be contacted (by SU! or by a demonstrator) or not.

My Library for My Digital Studio

my libraryHow would you like an easy way to keep track of My Digital Studio downloads? Quickly browse new downloads every week? Link to the Online Store to shop for more? And have it all right at your fingertips? Feel free to jump and shout because this is one library where you don’t have to be quiet-it’s the My Library for My Digital Studio app-now available for your iPad.

My_Library_for_My_Digital_Studio_rdax_574x431With the app you can

  • Add items you already own to your collection.
  • Add items you want to your wish list.
  • Sort your lists alphabetically or by release date.
  • Search for any downloads.
  • Browse new downloads released every week.
  • Link to the Stampin’ Up! Online Store to shop.

Download it now for FREE in iTunes or the App Store and you’ll be the most awesome librarian around. Happy cataloging.

Here are some other things to note:

  • The app will not link to your software; therefore, manually add items you already own to your collection. Think of it as a sentimental journey-you can reminisce while you categorize.
  • For the best viewing experience, we recommend using the app on an iPad or iPad Mini.  It’s not quite ready for iPhones yet, but we will let you know when it is.

My Library for My Digital Studio App Now Available for More Tablets

We’re excited to announce that you can now get the My Library for My Digital Studio app for Android tablets and Kindle Fire.

NOTE: While this app will work with most Android tablets, we do not recommend the Asus Transformer Pad TF300. As we researched, it looks like this will affect less than .5% of our users.

Sorry for bombarding you with so much information … but I do like to keep you all up to date with what is happening at Stampin’ Up!

Contact me today for more information or for help with ordering your SU! supplies.

I am here to answer any questions!

leonie rainbow


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